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Two Wilmington men receive yearslong sentences for August 2015 carjacking

Ty'Quarious Shaquan Gause
Ty’Quarious Shaquan Gause

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — Two Wilmington men entered guilty pleas in New Hanover County Superior Court to charges in a carjacking that occurred in August 2015.

Leet Hamlet, 21, and Ty’Quarious Gause, 20, pleaded guilty to an armed robbery at the intersection of 10th and Dawson streets, where they forced their way into the victim’s car and demanded the victim to drive them to Greenfield Street, according to new release from District Attorney Ben David.

While en route, the Hamlet and Gause threatened to kill the victim and made the man had over his jewelry and cell phone, David said When the two exited the car, the victim drove to the Wilmington Police Department and reported the robbery.

Hamlet later posted pictures of himself on Facebook wearing a medallion that belonged to the victim, while Gause pawned one of the victim’s rings the day after the robbery at a local pawn shop, according to David. Another ring belonging to the victim was pawned two days after the incident by Gause’s brother.

Gause pleaded guilty Monday to charges of common law robbery, second-degree kidnapping and obtaining property by false pretense. Superior Court Judge Douglas Parsons sentenced Gause to serve 43-73 months in the N.C. Department of Corrections.

Hamlet pleaded guilty to a robbery with a dangerous weapon in the case. He also pleaded guilty to an additional charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon in connection with the robbery of a cab driver in October 2015.

In that case, the driver reported that he picked up a fare and drove the person to the area of Evans and Gaston Streets, David said. The man exited the cab and was supposed to return with money to pay the driver.

Leet Hamlet
Leet Hamlet

“While waiting for his rider to return, the victim reported that a man he later identified as Hamlet appeared at the driver’s window with his hands in his sweatshirt, insinuating that he had a gun,” David said in the release.

Seventeen dollars in cash was taken from the victim. Hamlet’s trial was scheduled to begin Tuesday morning, but had entered his guilty pleas Monday prior to jury selection began.

Parsons ordered him to serve 58-82 months in the N.C. Department of Corrections.

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