Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Wilmington’s Bitty and Beau’s to be Rachael Ray’s official house coffee

Bitty and Beau’s new location on New Centre Drive. (Photo Ben Schachtman)

WILMINGTON — Rachael Ray announced today that Bitty and Beau’s Coffee will be the sole carrier of coffee for guests, cast, and crew of “Rachael,” Ray’s CBS television show.

Amy and Ben Wright, Bitty and Beau’s owners, have known about the development since the episode was taped three weeks ago, but during the filming the announcement caught them completely by surprise.

At the beginning of November, the Wrights – and the whole Bitty and Beau’s staff – made the Skype call to the New York City studios where Ray’s show is filmed, but the show-runners kept everyone in the dark.”

“We had no idea,” Amy Wright said. “They’ve been very supportive. They have Bitty and Beau’s shirts and hats that their staff wears. And their producer came to visit over the summer. But we had no idea this was in store.”

The Wright family was first featured on the show on March 2. Ray reached out to them just two days after they opened at their new location off New Centre Drive when her show learned about the Wright’s dedication to hiring those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  The cause is close to the Wrights’ heart; the store is named for two of the couple’s children who have Down’s syndrome.

Bitty and Beau staff were in high spirits today. (Photo Ben Schachtman)

Bitty and Beau’s saw many fans of the Wrights – their coffee and their mission – stop by to congratulate them. Amy Wright admitted it was difficult not to tell family, friends, and customers the news three weeks ago, but said they are celebrating today.

“It’s very validating,” Wright said. “We’ve worked hard to have great customer service, and the bonus is that our product is really strong.”

Wright said Bitty and Beau’s Coffee was happy to have its mission and message spread, and that they are looking forward to new opportunities to open more locations, carrying forward the cause of inclusive hiring for those with disabilities.

Visit Bitty and Beau’s Coffee at 4949 New Centre Drive, in the Rippy Cadillac lot.


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