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Podcast April 13 – Wilmington Northside developments, CFPUA, fish felony, and more

We start this week with a look at the latest on Wilmington Rail Trail project. It’s an idea that’s been around in various forms since CSX abandoned the rail trench running through Wilmington’s Northside. We check in with the latest move to turn the railbed into a public space.

And, while we’re talking Northside, on a property right on the railbed developers are hoping to turn a 100-year-old ice warehouse into apartments.

Next up, we check if with CFPUA. After months of equivocating the utility now stated that, while any damages from its federal lawsuit against Chemours would go towards paying off Sweeney improvements, there’s no current plan to refund customers the extra $5 a month they’ll be paying.

Also this week, a new development in the case of the New Hanover County man arrested last week on animal cruelty charges after sheriff’s deputies found he had abandoned a pet fish after being evicted. This week, District Attorney Ben David said his office would not press charges; while abusing any animal is frowned upon, the state’s laws don’t cover fish.

The story was widely reported, and seemed to be many things to many people; in Russia, it resulted in one of the more surreal file photos we’ve ever seen.

(Editor’s note: A very, very rough translation of the headline and lede would be: “

American arrested for mistreatment of fish. But detectives screwed up, and the offender walks free.

A man from North Carolina, USA, was arrested for cruelty to an aquarium fish. But the sheriff’s assistants who detained the criminal forgot to check how the laws of their state work. Now the intruder again walks free. Take care of yourself and your fish.”)


And, before we leave, a host of stories from Carolina Beach, including tens of thousands of dollars in backed wages from two restaurants, the vindication of Pleasure Island’s pet pot-bellied pigs. Also, it’s said that sugar is sweet but liquor is quicker — and now Wake’n’Bake can offer both.

Finally, Easter egg hunts are fun for kids. But what about adults? We got you covered.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below. Then take a deeper dive with our weekly podcast.

‘Wilmington Rail Trail’ project gets ball rolling on official city recognition

Redevelopment proposed for 100-year-old historic warehouse building in Wilmington’s Northside

CFPUA approves steps to complete $46 million filtration project, customer bill increase expected

District attorney drops charges against man charged for animal cruelty after abandoning pet fish

Feds fine two Carolina Beach restaurant bars for labor violations, 30 employees owed back pay

Doughnuts, beer, and pigs: Carolina Beach approves alcohol request for Wake N Bake, denies pig prohibition

Bill’s Front Porch to hide barrels around city for “Easter keg hunt”

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