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Thursday, May 30, 2024

In Pictures: NFL Kickoff at Copper Penny, Wilmington’s Eagles Bar

A weekly photographic look at what makes our area special.

Video: The sights and sounds of the Copper Penny, Wilmington’s Eagles bar.

WILMINGTON — This week’s photo series takes you right into the heart of Philadelphia Eagles country at the famous Copper Penny bar in downtown Wilmington.

Excitement for fall football was full blast Thursday night as the reigning NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles kicked off the season hosting the Atlanta Falcons for a slugfest that had Eagles fans — notoriously loud and apparently anxious, even after winning the Super Bowl — at the edge of their seats.

When Copper Penny opened its doors in 2004 it immediately assumed the mantle of Wilmington’s official Eagles bar, locally owned by a family with strong Philadelphia ties.

For bartender Cara Westmoreland, the bar’s Eagles status embodies community.

“Honestly, I had no idea there were this many Eagles fans in Wilmington. But they come out for every single game … People are always stoked, they show up hours early. They’re just excited to be here and feel like they’re a part of a community,” Westmoreland said.

Although the city doesn’t have a college or professional team of its own, Al and Cary Dintino – divided by a devotion to the Redskins and Eagles respectively – Wilmington is loaded with football fans.

“Saturday or Sunday, expect long lines and the places to be packed. Great vibe. Wilmington is a football town,” Al Dintino said, adding that he sees many fans around town sporting the colors of the Clemson Tigers, South Carolina Gamecocks, Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons.

Keep up with live music, comedy shows, and game nights at Downtown Wilmington Events.

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