Friday, March 24, 2023

Free Rite Aid money with retail gift card purchases

If a shopping trip to Hollister, American Eagle or Aeropostale is on your agenda, definitely swing into Rite Aid first for a generous offer!

This week when you spend $25 at Rite Aid on the aforementioned retailer gift cards, you will earn 500 Plenti points on your Rite Aid card. Plenti points are like Rite Aid cash that can be spent on most items inside of Rite Aid. They expire in two years so there is no rush to use them; however you do have to wait until the day after they are earned to use them.

The great thing about these retailer gift card deals at Rite Aid is that most retailer gift cards have no additional fees attached. So you are literally earning free money to spend at Rite Aid just for buying clothing gift cards. If you were going to buy clothes anyway, it is a super opportunity to get a free bonus for doing so.

There is a limit of two on the rewards so you can buy $50 in gift cards and earn a total of $10 to spend at Rite Aid. This deal runs through Saturday, Aug. 8, at Rite Aid!

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