Rassin on Real Estate

Wednesdays 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. on 103.7FM

I started in a small mortgage company and was lucky enough to eventually become a mortgage loan consultant with Monarch Mortgage. I am lucky to be associated with a great team of people that will help make your loan process quick and easy!

Since the days of becoming the Ice Cream Lender (you’ll have to ask me about that one) to creating the Coastal Carolinas’ Original Weekly Real Estate Show, I wanted to make sure that you understand everything that you want to know, and need to know, about the Real Estate process. My emphasis has always been on taking care of you and always will be.

I was lucky enough to start a radio show that helps educate the consumer about the mortgage banking industry. I wanted to help them learn that YOU have control over your mortgage choices; and that I, as your mortgage lender, am there to help guide you. As the show grew, so did the subject matter to encompass everything: from the deck to the dog, the fence to fireplace, and the garden to the garage, from your master to your mortgage. It may have my name, but it’s your show: Rassin on Real Estate!

Steve Rassin’s Website

Get in touch with Steve – e-mail srassin@monarchmtg.com   or phone 910-616-3273

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