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Henrietta Bellow, 84, relished afternoons shopping at Friendly Center

Henrietta Bellow

WILMINGTON — After 15 years, 6 days, 15 hours, and 11 minutes, Henrietta Bellow, 84, at last reunited with her beloved daughter, Teresa Bellow, Monday, March 8, 2021.

Henrietta was born in High Point at the end of the Great Depression, and some of her first memories were of her neighbors rushing out of their homes after everyone had heard on the radio that World World II had ended.

Henrietta began her long working life at the famous Greensboro Woolworth’s counter, where she served ice cream and cleaned bird cages; thus, beginning her lifelong love of all things ice cream and lifelong hatred of all things aviary. She worked at a hosiery mill, a cigarette factory and later served 38 years at AT&T alongside Admiral Thomas Brooks.

After 38 years, Henrietta retired and promptly bought a luxury vehicle costing exactly $38,000. When husband, Ray Bellow, began to gripe about the cost, she promptly responded that she deserved a $1,000 for each year of work. After being married to Henrietta for nearly 50 years, Ray, a very smart man, took the cue and shut up.

Henrietta was the mother to her only child, Teresa Ann Bellow, who preceded her in death in 2006; grandmother to Megan (McCall) Milliken and Justin (Carmen) Milliken; and great-grandmother to Shelby and Asbury Milliken. She is survived by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, two nieces, Pat (Lee) Stocks and Susan (Brad) Davis; and her lifelong best friend, Bobbie (Charlie) Schram.

To say that Henrietta was an avid shopper is an understatement. If you go to Friendly Center right now, countless retail workers and K+W servers will know her and sing her praises. She went there every single day of her life and often gave away her possessions to those working in her favorite places. If you walk into the K+W even now, you’ll likely smell her signature Tresor perfume wafting in the air.

Henrietta was a dedicated church-goer at Oak View Baptist Church and proud member of Bible Study Fellowship in High Point. At both places, her understanding for the scripture deepened, and with it, she understood the real meaning of love.

If someone were to write a precise summary of the last half of Henrietta’s life, it would be one word: Megan. She loved Megan, and Megan loved her more than could ever be described in mortal words alone. Their bond was deeply sacrificial, eternally loyal and omnipresent in all aspects of life.

Henrietta will be desperately missed and thoughts of reuniting with her are already all-encompassing.

Services will be announced at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Resarch.

Share online condolences with the family at Andrews Mortuary & Crematory.

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