Monday, February 26, 2024

Latest estimate shows 6-8 inches of rain from Hurricane Ian

A National Weather Service map showing estimated rainfall totals from Hurricane Ian.

WILMINGTON — Wilmington could face tornadoes and receive enough rain to cause flooding as a result of Hurricane Ian this weekend.

The impact of the storm is expected to increase from Friday into Saturday.

The National Weather Service has reported 6-8 inches of rain falling in the Wilmington area and 8-10 inches in Southport through Sunday afternoon.

Wind gusts could reach tropical storm force, in the 39 to 73 mph range, with rough waters and erosion expected.

The storm is following an almost straight north trajectory from the Caribbean and will pass over the western tip of Cuba on Tuesday, as it moves north and impacts Florida Wednesday.

Though still uncertain, NWS reported Hurricane Ian is expected to move across southeastern Georgia and into western South Carolina Saturday. There are no tropical watches in effect along the Carolina coast currently.

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