Chef Jameson Chavez

Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta

Manna Dessert400g heavy cream
120g milk
200g sugar
200g greek yogurt
200g buttermilk
12g gelatin sheets
Method of preparation:
bloom gelatin in cold water; bring sugar, milk, cream to a boil; combine buttermilk and yogurt in a bowl and whisk until smooth; add gelatin to the hot mixture and stir until dissolved; pour hot mixture over yogurt/buttermilk and whisk.  Strain and pour into desired mold.
Strawberry gelee:
500g strawberry juice-no pulp
50g lemon juice
100g sugar
12g gelatin
bloom gelatin; combine sugar, strawberry juice, and lemon juice in pot and bring to a boil; dissolve gelatin in hot mixture; strain and cool to room temperature. Once cool pour a thin layer of set panna cotta.


Speckled trout, braised turnips and parsnips, red chile & sunflower seed puree, fresh radish & oranges.

4-5oz filets speckled trout (scallops, tuna, shrimp, or  mahi would also work well)
4 dried red chiles (nm red, ancho, guajillo or any combination of)
3tbls sunflower seeds
1/4c diced onion
1tsp ground cumin& coriander
3c diced turnips
3c diced parsnips cut close to the same size of turnips
1 1\2 tbls honey
4 radishes sliced thin
2 oranges cut into supremes
1 tbls chopped parsley
Olive oil
Salt & pepper
1 1\2 tsp butter

Make puree
Soak chiles in 4c hot water for thirty minutes or until soft.  Taste water to see if bitter.  If bitter discard.  If not, reserve to use in sauce.  Sweat onions till translucent, then add cumin & coriander, chiles, sunflower seeds and sweat for another minute.  Add reserved chile water and simmer till reduced by half.  Puree in blender or food processor till smooth then season with salt and pepper.  Chill or keep warm if using immediately.

Braise turnips & parsnips
In separate saute pan over med heat add butter and 1 1\2 tbls olive oil.  Wait till. Butter froths then add vegetables.  Lightly season with salt.  Toss or stir in pan to sweat down for 2 minutes.  Avoid coloration.  Add just enough water to cover along with honey.  Simmer adding more water as need to cook through.  Reduce to a nice glaze.  Season as needed and Chill or keep warm if using immediately.

While veg and sauce are cooking, slice radishes and supreme oranges.

Cook fish
Season with salt and pepper and sear fish in med high heat till browned on one side about 1-2 min then flip.  Cooking times will vary depending on size and thickness of filet and fish being used.

Rewarm sauce, turnips & parsnips finish with  most of the parsley.  Toss radishes & oranges in bowl with salt and pepper, olive oil and the rest of the parsley.

To plate put puree down first on warm plate, next vegetables, then rest fish on top finishing with radishes and oranges. Can garnish with small whole cilantro and parsley leaves if available.

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