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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Man convicted of selling heroin, fentanyl near UNCW

Antwuan Watson.

WILMINGTON — Antwuan Watson, 48, pled guilty on Monday in New Hanover County Superior Court to one count of both selling and possessing with intent to sell and deliver heroin and one count of both selling and possessing with the intent to sell and deliver fentanyl.

Watson was sentenced to a minimum of 48 months and a maximum of 94 months in jail.

On the evening of Feb. 4, 2024, a confidential informant working on behalf of the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office met this Watson in the parking lot of the Seahawk Square apartment
complex, where Watson resided.

Watson informed the confidential informant that he needed to travel to a home on Barclay Hills Drive to pick up the drugs he was going to sell him. The informant then drove the defendant to that location and gave him $50 to complete the purchase. The defendant subsequently walked
inside the residence and returned to the vehicle a few minutes later to give the informant 50 bindles of what was later discovered to be a mixture containing both heroin and fentanyl. This transaction was captured on video using a covert recording device.

Watson also has a criminal history that includes prior narcotics-related

“Heroin distribution has always been a major focus of our office’s drug prosecutions, but now that we are seeing the even more dangerous narcotic of fentanyl
consistently mixed with heroin and other drugs, it has become even more imperative that drug dealers, such as this defendant, be put out of business and suffer consequences for their actions,” District Attorney Ben David said in a press release.

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