Tuesday, August 16, 2022

120 acres of Brunswick County timberlands bought by local man, up for rezoning

Timberland Investment Resources, which owns more than 2,000 acres of land in Brunswick County, recently sold a 120-acre parcel to a local man. (Port City Daily/Courtesy Lucas Pezeta from Pexels)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY—Timberland in Brunswick County is up for a rezoning request following the purchase of the parcel by a local resident, Roger Worsham. 

The 120 acres of pine trees is west of Boiling Springs Lakes, bisected by Green Lewis Road in the unincorporated county. It neighbors a 2,000-acre parcel owned by the Cameron family. 

According to property records, the land has been included in the portfolio of timber companies for over 50 years. Before the most recent sale, it was owned by Timberland Investment Resources, an organization with field offices across the United States and in London. 

Timberland Investment Resources owns at least two other tracts in Brunswick County. One is a 300-acre parcel in the county’s northern region southwest of Sandy Creek, and the other is a gigantic 1,860-acre parcel in the county’s southwestern tip, along the path of Highway 904. 

The 120 acres bought by Gorsham is currently zoned for medium residential use, and he’s seeking to rezone it to low residential use, according to the Brunswick County Planning Department. Worsham said he plans to build a barn on the property if rezoned. (The zoning he desires allows for the construction of a barn without accompanying houses). A family member lives nearby and it was available for a good price, he said.

“I’m probably going to cut some timber off of it, just because it was planted,” he said. “I don’t really like pine trees, and I got 120 acres of them.”

According to property records, the precursor company to Timberland Investment Resources paid $4.256 million for land in Brunswick County in 1993.

According to the land-tracking website Lands of America, more than 2,300 acres of forested land in Brunswick County are currently on the market. The largest of these tracts, located in the Waccamaw River Basin, appears to be the 1,860-acre parcel owned by Timberland Investment Resources. It’s listed for $3.868 million. (The company did not immediately respond to a voicemail request for an interview.)

Timberland Investment Resources offers clients “innovative, forest-based investment offerings that optimize long-term performance while contributing to community resilience and environmental sustainability,” according to its website.

Correction: a previous version of this article misspelled Worsham’s name.

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