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“Be A Looker” Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Campaign [Free read]

Why “Be A Looker”?

The Wilmington Urban Area is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous areas in North Carolina for bicyclists and pedestrians. Wilmington has more bike/ped crashes per capita than any other NC city.

In 2019 alone, there were 153 reported bicycle and pedestrian collisions with motor vehicles. Go Coast, the Transportation Demand Management program for the Wilmington Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO) hopes the “Be A Looker” Campaign will reduce the number bicycle and pedestrian injuries and fatalities in our communities. “Be A Looker” educates residents on rules of the road and best safety practices, and encourages drivers to embrace a culture that respects bicyclists and pedestrians.

The WMPO region currently has over 35 miles of greenways, 56 miles of bike lanes, and 600 miles of sidewalks. As more bicycle and pedestrian facilities are created, we can expect more people to walk and bike; both as a means of mobility and for leisure. All of us- drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians- must be vigilant and look out for one another on the roadway.

Are You a Looker?

Being a “looker” is a commitment to embrace bicycling and walking as legitimate modes of transportation, to educate oneself on rules of the road, and to prioritize safety.

Drivers should drive the speed limit and free of distractions, give four feet when passing a bicycle or pedestrian, and stop for pedestrians. Bicyclists should always wear a helmet, use hand signals, and obey the rules of the road as if they were a car. Pedestrians should only cross the street when it’s clear of cars, make themselves visible to traffic, and use the built infrastructure.

Learn more on how to Be A Looker and make your community a safe place to bike, walk, and drive, at

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