Saturday, July 20, 2024

252-bedroom apartment complex planned off Market St. near UNCW

Artists rendering of a three-story multi-family unit. (Port City Daily image / City of Wilmington)

WILMINGTON — After receiving rezoning approval earlier this year, a developer submitted technical plans for three-bedroom and four-bedroom units on College Acres Drive near UNCW.

Plans were submitted on Wednesday for 9 two-story duplexes and 5 three-story multi-family units. The buildings will collectively contain 18 four-bedroom units and 60 three-bedroom units, for a total of 252 bedrooms. The complex will also include an amenities building and a pool.

The project will replace single-family homes on the north side of the street at addresses 4729 to 4757 on College Acres Drive, between South College Road and Racine Drive.

A smaller version of the project at the same location was proposed in early 2019, with 170 units. In March, the developer received approval to rezone part of the property to allow denser development for the current project.

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