Thursday, July 25, 2024

Wilmington brewery to host attempted Guinness world record for most dogs in single photo

WILMINGTON — Dogs are a big part of Waterline Brewing Company. The head brewer Dani Bearss often bikes alongside her massive Saint Bernard to the brewery, and everyone knows they can bring their pup to the taproom. 

Even before Senate Bill 290 went into effect in September, which officially allowed dogs inside brewery taprooms that don’t prepare and serve food, operating partner and brand manager Mark Mueller said dogs had been allowed since the brewery’s opening in 2015. 

Now he’s eyeing a Guinness World Records attempt for the most dogs in a single photograph, hoping to raise money through the endeavor to donate to no-kill shelters. 

“Going through some things I realized that there was a Guinness World Book of Records standing record of 710 dogs [in a photograph],” Mueller said. “And I thought that would be a good opportunity to break a record, get everybody in the community involved, raise some money for the dog shelter, and have a good time.” 

He said the attempt will take place around noon on Saturday, January 19, when he expects to stand on the roof of the brewery and take the photograph of dogs gathered along Surrey Street and the brewery’s parking lot (an event will be published on Waterline’s Facebook page in the coming days).

The current record was set in Moscow, Russia, in September when 710 dogs appeared in a single photograph.

“I want to shatter that with a thousand dogs,” Mueller said. 

He said any dog shelters and dog-related charities can participate to share the proceeds, which he plans to raise through suggested donations, T-shirt sales, and pre-orders of the group photograph. Triangle Beagle Rescue in Raleigh and Saint Bernard Rescue in Wilmington have agreed to participate, he said.

Mueller said he was approved by Guinness World Records last week after a three-month application process. Now he is looking to dog owners in Wilmington, Surf City, Carolina Beach, Raleigh, and throughout the rest of the state to come help break the record.

“I think we’re gonna crush it,” Mueller said.

After the group photograph, Mueller plans to encourage an informal ‘puppy parade’ through downtown Wilmington. 

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