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Mayor Craig Caster running for re-election in Boiling Spring Lakes [Free read]

Mayor Craig Caster seeks to be elected for a fourth mayoral term in Boiling Spring Lakes. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Craig Caster)
Mayor Craig Caster seeks to be elected for a fourth mayoral term in Boiling Spring Lakes. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Craig Caster)

BOILING SPRING LAKES — Mayor Craig Caster is running for a fourth term as mayor on the Boiling Spring Lakes Board of Commissioners.

Caster has served the board for 14 years, beginning as a Commissioner in 2005.

Author’s note: Port City Daily’s candidate interviews are largely unedited. Edits have only been made to correct spelling or grammatical errors. Candidates were not given word or character limits to answer each question. 

What is your campaign platform?

I will represent all citizens and taxpayers in an honest, fair, and equitable manner. I will represent quality city government, continued excellence in public safety, and will assure tax contributions are economically and wisely spent.

What makes you qualified to serve on the Board of Commissioners?

Was elected and served as BSL Commissioner 2005-2013 and have been elected Mayor for 3 terms, beginning in 2013.

What are the top three issues Boiling Spring Lakes is facing right now and what’s your position on these issues?

Top three issues and position: (1) Continue negotiations with FEMA and NC Dam Safety on
restoration of Sanford Dam, two West Dams, and construction of cofferdams at Pine Lake and North Lake; (2) Continued road paving and ditching improvements for storm water run-off; (3) enhance growth of the commercial district along Highway 87.

Some BSL residents aren’t happy that the city partnered with Sanco/Dominion on the SAD. Some are glad for it, seeing the infrastructure as something more homes could potentially tap into one day. What is your perspective on getting additional wastewater infrastructure in the city? How should the city go about engaging with developers and the county about getting this done?

With the growing community of BSL, we must come into the 21st century and septic tanks are not the answer for keeping up with enhanced population, as well as increased overall tax values. To insure quality growth of BSL, the city will have to work with Brunswick County on future wastewater issues.

It’s been decades since BSL roads have been addressed. Many are cracking or in poor condition. But with other major projects in the forefront (namely, refilling the lakes) it seems BSL roads have been on the back burner. Specifically, what do you think should be done to address the roads, and on what timeframe?

Contrary to what has been stated, for the past five years, BSL has authorized from
$250,000 up to $800,000 per year in paving roads. Five roads will be upgraded through FEMA funds and BSL has projected the upgrade of six roads for 2020.

Would you like to see more businesses join BSL’s Highway 87 corridor? What can and should BSL do to attract more businesses to this area?

Yes, more business activity in the commercial corridor would be very beneficial to the city of BSL. This will grow the tax base to produce and build amenities wanted and needed by residents. To attract business, the city population must grow with rooftops.

What is one action/vote BSL got wrong in 2017-2019?

None. The sitting board of commissioners has made wise decisions.

What is one action/vote BSL got right in 2017-2019?

Relocation of the future Police Department at a cost savings of over $1,000,000.00.

Anything else you’d like to share with voters?

I urge all registered voters of BSL to exercise their right to vote on November 5th at the BSL Community Center.

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