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Eric Maynes running for Mayor in Boiling Spring Lakes [Free read]

Eric Maynes is running for mayor in Boiing Spring Lakes. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Eric Maynes)
Eric Maynes is running for mayor in Boiing Spring Lakes. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Eric Maynes)

BOILING SPRING LAKES —  Eric Maynes is running to serve as Mayor of Boiling Spring Lakes.

Maynes opted not to complete Port City Daily’s full questionnaire, offering the following explanation:

“Some questions in the questionnaire I received were either very specific (to which I have no specific answer), or referenced past town actions. As my campaign is trying to focus on the present and future, I respectfully declined to answer those questions. You can learn more about me or contact me at EricMaynes.com

Author’s note: Port City Daily’s candidate interviews are largely unedited. Edits have only been made to correct spelling or grammatical errors. Candidates were not given word or character limits to answer each question. 

What is your campaign platform?

My platform is one for a different choice in Boiling Spring Lakes. There are a few ways my campaign is executing on that. First I have promised and currently maintain a 100% positive message. I’m not abiding by the status quo of politics by focusing on other candidates. I’m only focused on my message, and allowing the voters to decide. I’m also putting only the present and future in the frame. No matter what has or has not been done before this campaign is about our future, and moving forward.

What makes you qualified to serve on the Board of Commissioners?

I’ve been in law enforcement for 12 years, and five of those were spent with the city of Boiling Spring Lakes. I have met and spoken with every type of person living in town, and it gives me a very unique perspective. I have strong leadership skills, and have confidence that I’ll be able to work with town leaders to make Boiling Spring Lakes even better.

What are the top three issues Boiling Spring Lakes is facing right now and what’s your position on these issues?

Infrastructure, Public Safety, Growth

First, we must do what we can to better prepare ourselves for the next Florence. It’s not a matter of if, but when we get another one. We need to be ready when that happens.

We need to grow our police department as our population increases. A lot of people don’t realize how busy our town is and how many 911 calls are placed in the area. We need to provide our police with the tools and staff needed to continue serving the town in an adequate manner.

We also need to provide smart growth for our residents. We need to pave the way for more businesses to join our community. We also need more things to do around town. Specifically, I would like to see a park with teenaged kids in mind. I feel like they get short-changed with what we have at the moment.

Some BSL residents aren’t happy that the city partnered with Sanco/Dominion on the SAD. Some are glad for it, seeing the infrastructure as something more homes could potentially tap into one day. What is your perspective on getting additional wastewater infrastructure in the city? How should the city go about engaging with developers and the county about getting this done?
It’s been decades since BSL roads have been addressed. Many are cracking or in poor condition. But with other major projects in the forefront (namely, refilling the lakes) it seems BSL roads have been on the back burner. Specifically, what do you think should be done to address the roads, and on what timeframe?
Would you like to see more businesses join BSL’s Highway 87 corridor? What can and should BSL do to attract more businesses to this area?
What is one action/vote BSL got wrong in 2017-2019?
What is one action/vote BSL got right in 2017-2019?
Anything else you’d like to share with voters?

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