Thursday, February 29, 2024

ICYMI – School issues, public nudity, plea deal, public-private road deal, and rogue towing

In a frank email to New Hanover County Superintendent Dr. Tim Markley, former Forest Hills Principal Deborah Greenwood accused Markley of ‘throwing her under the bus,’ and failing to be honest about what happened with the controversial Spanish Immersion program.

Former Forest Hills principal told New Hanover superintendent to be ‘honest.’ Now, no one is talking

One resident complained to the town about ‘revealing’ bathing suits – including those worn by the female lifeguards. The town, however, is now considering relaxing its public nudity law.

Carolina Beach leaders to consider removing ‘buttocks’ from public nudity law

Justin Brochure, son of Oak Island Mayor Cin Brochure, was described as having a “complete disregard” for a court order prohibiting him from being around children. But, despite eyewitness testimony and video evidence, Brochure faced no repercussions for violating that order — or for having his girlfriend lie on his behalf in court. In the end, he received a plea deal and walked free. How did all this happen?

In-depth investigation: Despite false testimony, sex offender walked free in child pornography plea deal

For five years, the city and a developer have both been working towards making a mixed-use development on the former Galleria property a reality. Now, it seems the final obstacle is a proposed multimillion-dollar deal to renovate Wrightsville Avenue and turn it into a ‘complete street.’ So, who will pay for what?

Wilmington Mayor and developer weigh in on multi-million dollar ‘complete street’ plan

Concertgoers got a rude surprise this week when they found their cars had been towed from the Elderhaus property which neighbors Greenfield Lake Amphitheater. Here’s what happened.

Cars towed from Greenfield Lake Amphitheater and Elderhaus done without permission

The two men have known each other for decades, dating back to Sheriff Ed McMahon’s early career when he worked as a School Resource Officer at Laney, where Dr. Rick Holliday was a coach, teacher, and later principal. While some objected to the private ceremony, the Sheriff’s Office said it saw nothing wrong with it.

New Hanover Sheriff Ed McMahon recognizes ‘long partnership’ with retired Deputy Superintendent Rick Holliday

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