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Golf cart rentals and taxis coming to Kure Beach after Town Council approves special use permits

Golf cart taxis in Carolina Beach have been permitted for the time being, but at least one taxicab driver is calling foul on the company not following the same rules (Port City Daily/Courtesy Town of Carolina Beach)
Golf cart taxis in Carolina Beach have been permitted for several months now, now, Sun Fun Rentals is taking its operation to Kure Beach. (Port City Daily/Courtesy Town of Carolina Beach)

KURE BEACH — Carolina Beach and Kure Beach have plenty of differences and residents ,along with town leaders, have had no problems keeping things separate in the past. One of the things that the Town of Carolina Beach has offered that has differentiated itself from its southerly neighbor is the prolific use of golf carts on public roads.

While Carolina Beach has been welcoming to golf carts, Kure Beach has taken a different approach and decided to not allow carts on the roads, unless they are licensed by the state as ‘street legal’ golf carts.

Because of these restrictions, golf carts that are permitted to operate in Carolina Beach have been forbidden to cross municipal lines thereby reducing the number of carts operating in Kure Beach.

But a recent request from Sun Fun Rentals, a golf cart rental and taxi company, could mean more of the low-speed vehicles in Kure Beach.

Ultimately, the requests were approved and Sun Fun Rentals has been granted permission to operate a golf cart rental facility at 112 Forth Fisher Blvd. South, just next to the town’s Quik Mart.

But residents and visitors should be aware that just because the rentals are approved, it does not mean golf carts are permitted to venture into the town unless they are street legal, which all of the rental company’s carts are.

In order to operate in Kure Beach, golf carts must have the following:

  • Headlights and tail lights with turn signals and brake lights
  • Third brake light
  • License plate light
  • Four sets of seatbelts
  • Speedometer
  • Horn
  • DOT Approved Tires
  • DOT Approved Windshield
  • Windshield Wiper
  • Amber reflectors on all corners of the vehicle
  • Minimum speed of at least 21 mph
  • Maximum speed of 25 mph
  • One driver’s side external mirror
  • One internal mirror
  • 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number, V.I.N.

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