Saturday, July 20, 2024

ICYMI – What the heck is that pile of rubble? Plus, Leland won’t take ‘no’ for an answer

Details on when and where to see the ‘Santa Maria’ replica. READ MORE

Replica of Christopher Columbus’ ship ‘Santa Maria’ heading to Downtown Wilmington this spring

The city set aside $300,000 to push sand from the water’s edge up onto the dunes. The process, called a beach push, doesn’t actually accomplish any long-term benefits — so why did the town do it? READ MORE

Surf City acknowledges recent beach push exposes temporary dunes to erosion

The project will include a six-story apartment building in place of parking lots on the block between Grace and Walnut streets, and Second and Third streets. READ MORE

Riverbend project will bring 110 apartments, parking, and retail to downtown Wilmington

Leland has twice asked for an ETJ — essentially, the right to control planning and zoning outside of official town limits — and twice Brunswick County has told the town ‘no.’ READ MORE

Brunswick County tells Leland ‘no’ on ETJ, again. That hasn’t deterred town council

What the heck is that pile of rubble across from the Riverwalk? READ MORE

A riverfront view: New Hanover County looking into massive pile of debris on river

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