Tuesday, May 30, 2023

ICYMI – Five-part series breaking down Wilmington’s affordable housing crisis

This week we took an in-depth look at the affordable housing crisis in the Wilmington area. We started with the numbers: what does affordable housing mean in real financial terms for everyday people, and how many people are affected? READ MORE

One-third of Wilmington households are cost-burdened. Breaking down the affordable housing crisis by the numbers

A lot of factors are driving the crisis, including the further reduction of housing stock by Hurricane Florence. There’s also government: city council has the ability to build incentives or requirements for affordable housing units into conditional rezoning for new developments. But so far, that hasn’t happened. READ MORE

Hurricane Florence, the ‘missing middle,’ and government incentives: Councilman Paul Lawler weighs in on affordable housing in Wilmington

Just like affordable housing itself, Habitat for Humanity often gets misunderstood, and conflated with issues of homelessness and extreme poverty. The agency doesn’t give away houses; people pay mortgages on them. In the process, Habitat sees a lot of the issues that impact everyday people in their own struggle to find and maintain affordable living situations. READ MORE

On the front lines of Wilmington’s housing crisis, Habitat for Humanity sees key problems

Few people think of the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority as having a role in housing costs, but ask a developer or a landlord, and they’ll tell you CFPUA has a considerable role. We took a closer look at the issue. READ MORE

Water, a basic need that comes with a cost: CFPUA’s role in the affordable housing crisis

Although we covered a lot of ground this week, a few readers still had questions and comments — so we gathered them together here to address them. READ MORE

Reader questions: What you wanted to know about the Wilmington-area affordable housing crisis

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