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Election 2018: Anthony Mascolo, Libertarian candidate for Senate District 8

Anthony Mascolo hopes to become a senator representing North Carolina's District 8.

Anthony Mascolo is House District 18's Libertarian candidate. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Anthony Mascolo)
Anthony Mascolo is House District 18’s Libertarian candidate. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Anthony Mascolo)

SOUTHEASTERN, N.C. — Anthony Mascolo will face Senator Bill Rabon and Democratic candidate David Sink in Senate District 8’s general election next month.

Mascolo is a registered Libertarian.

Read Mascolo’s answers to Port City Daily’s questions below:

What do you bring to the table?

I am a career law enforcement supervisor who would work to consolidate the criminal code. I would apply fact-based problem solving and be independent of the major parties. I would work with both sides for the benefit of the residents of coastal Carolina.

What bills do you hope to introduce this legislative session?

  • I would introduce, cosponsor or support:
  • The reduction of small business regulations
  • The reduction of occupational licensing
  • The expansion of grandparents visitation rights
  • The protection of companion animals from neglect and abuse
  • A woman’s right to withdraw consent

What is the weakest aspect of the General Assembly at this time?

The veto-proof legislature has caused an imbalance in the branches of state government. The General Assembly continues its attempts to weaken the Governor’s office and the Court’s ability function.

What is the strongest aspect of the General Assembly at this time?

The General Assembly has been passing fiscally conservative legislation that has aided in the state’s economic recovery since 2010.

How are you similar to your constituents? How are you different?

Like many in our communities, I chose to live on the Carolina coast as an adult. I have previously lived and worked in urban, suburban and rural communities.

What are the top three issues District 8 faces at this time?

Our environment, economic growth and education, including school safety.

How specifically do you plan to address these issues as an elected representative?

A properly funded Department of Environment Quality along with swift action by the General Assembly and our court system is needed to address the hazards in our drinking water, rivers, air and soil.

We must reduce the size and scope of government bureaucracy, minimize governmental regulations and lower tax rates in order to continue economic growth in the state.
Fair and competitive compensation must be offered to our public school staff. Vocational and technical training should be expanded at all secondary level schools. Educational opportunities for parents and students should include affordable and expanded charter, private and parochial school options.

School safety programs consisting of additional School Resource Officers and mental health professionals with upgrades to securing facilities are overdue.

Do you believe the state’s film industry shift from an incentive to a grant program for the film industry has been successful?

Neither of these programs can be considered successful with estimated returns to the state at twenty cents on the dollar.

Does the state’s environmental team have the resources it needs to address the issues we’re facing?

The Department of Environmental Quality has been granted only a fraction of what is necessary to address the GenX contamination in our drinking water. We now have additional post-storm recovery concerns with flooding and overflow of holding facilities of coal ash, farm animal waste and untreated sewage into our rivers.

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