Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Here’s what flooding ‘worse than Floyd’ looks like (video)

Last week, the Waccamaw River in Brunswick County crested with the deepest floodwaters the county has ever seen.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Floodwater from Hurricane Florence has stuck around and is still causing damage to communities across the state more than a week after the storm first made landfall.

With a floodplain that is constantly changing with new development and flood models that aren’t always predictive of how water will move, it’s not easy for officials to translate risk.

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The National Weather Service (NWS) predictions often use metrics that compare to recent storms to convey the Hurricane Florence’s floodwater damage. Comparisons to Hurricanes Floyd, Matthew, Fran and others are common.

In a Brunswick County community off Myrtle Head and Kingtown Road, floodwaters reached into low-lying homes in the Waccamaw River floodplain.

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