Sunday, February 25, 2024

Bellamy Mansion suffers damages after Florence, volunteers needed

The mansion sustained water and structural damages after Florence.

WILMINGTON — For more than 150 years the Bellamy Mansion in Wilmington has been a landmark in the city; in the early 1990s the house underwent massive renovations — now the home will once again be undergoing some major repairs after Hurricane Florence.

During the storm roofing was blown away and water damage became abundant.

“While the staff are all fine the site did sustain damage. The mansion lost a good portion of the belvedere roof and water went through ceilings, floors and walls all the way to the basement. Wood, plaster and carpet were soaked from top to bottom. Also, large limbs came off the heritage magnolia trees – although they are still standing,” according to a statement from the Bellamy Mansion Museum.

Repairs have already begun but the museum is in need of volunteers and supplies.

“… anyone who can safely get to the site this week to help with clearing debris (especially tree limbs) or cleaning inside the mansion is more than welcome. (Site Manager) Bob Lock is in need of a powerful chainsaw, standing or box fans, and dehumidifiers in particular. Mostly he needs willing hands,” according to the release.

The museum will remain closed for the foreseeable future until repairs can be completed, and anyone wishing to help in the repair process can email staff.

“As time passes we’re going to need help financially, through ideas, and with the strength and talent of our friends. We always say we cannot operate the museum without our volunteers, and that statement has never been more true,” the press release concluded.


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