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ICYMI: Pender County harassment, flood zones expand, vacant land disappears, rail project accelerates

Three weeks ago, Burgaw resident Chris Parker was found dead in a Wilmington parking lot. What happened to him? Those close to him say Parker’s overdose came at the end of a long downward spiral of drug addiction and harassment from the Sheriff’s Office. READ MORE

Pender County mother claims Sheriff’s detective harassed her son ‘to the breaking point’

FEMA’s latest maps show flood zones around areas like RiverLights, Greenfield Lake, and Hewletts Creek are increasingly at risk. In all, over 500 properties – mostly residential – were added to the 2018 flood zone. READ MORE

Nearly 500 Wilmington properties added to new FEMA flood zone map

In 2016, Wilmington had nearly 6,000 acres of vacant, developable land. In July of this year, about half of that remained. According to local realtors, that translates into a lot more homes — and a lot more traffic on the city’s already congested roads. READ MORE

In two years half of Wilmington’s vacant land disappeared, meaning more residences, more traffic

When it was first introduced several years ago, Wilmington’s rail realignment program seemed to many as a flight of fancy — its massive scale, numerous moving parts, and potential $1 billion dollar price tag led commenters to believe it would never happen. But, over the last year, support from the program has grown, from neighboring counties and the state and federal level. READ MORE

Wilmington’s massive public transit and freight rail project builds steam

The company responsible for the unpleasant smell isn’t actually breaking the law, DEQ officials said. The state’s environmental protection agency doesn’t have any scientific way to measure what levels of the chemical responsible. Instead, the DEQ sends out agents to use their noses and decide, subjectively, how bad the smell is. READ MORE

Wilmington’s ‘cat urine’ smell still lingers, DEQ says company responsible is not in violation

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