Tuesday, September 26, 2023

If not by land, then by sea: Water-based pedal pub will call Carolina Beach home this summer

After six months of back and forth, Carolina Beach shot down the application of a land-based pedal-pub. Now it looks the town will still get a pedal-powered traveling bar, just not one on land.

Soon a pedal pub on the water will be operating out of Carolina Beach (Port City Daily/Johanna Ferebee)
Soon a pedal pub on the water will be operating out of Carolina Beach. (Port City Daily/Johanna Ferebee)

CAROLINA BEACH — The Town of Carolina Beach might have voted against allowing a pedal pub to operate on town streets earlier this year, but it appears it will be getting a pedal pub anyways — albeit not one on land.

The Sea Legs Pedal Pub has submitted its business registration to the Town of Carolina Beach, and according to the company’s website it will be opening for business at the end of the month.

But why is a water pedal pub allowed, but the land-based trolly version was denied? As it turns out, it is because the town has no jurisdiction over a business’ use of the water, according to Town Manager Michael Cramer.

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“The Sea Legs Pedal Pub put in for a business registration permit to the town. The reason that this business does not have to come before council is that it is operated out of a commercial marina and operates outside of our jurisdiction from a land use perspective.  The previous pedal pub would have operated on public streets that the town had jurisdiction over. Other than the business registration permit, no other permission is necessary,” Cramer said.

Sea Legs Pedal Pub did not respond for comment by time of publication.

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