Tuesday, May 30, 2023

ICYMI: New law favors landlords, plus: we’ve probably all been merging wrong

In the past, landlords could charge tenants late fees and some court costs, but had to pay for legal fees out of their own pockets. A new state law changes that. READ MORE

Here’s how North Carolina’s new eviction-fee law changes things for landlords and tenants

“Sea Lice” aren’t really lice at all, they’re baby jellyfish. And while they don’t “infest” and spread like lice, they do sting, causing painful and itchy rashes. READ MORE

‘Sea lice’ are really just baby jellyfish that sting, cases reported in Carolina Beach

Good news: a recent ‘free adoption’ campaign help the Pender County Animal Shelter find homes for dozens of pets. Bad news: the shelter was full again within days. READ MORE

Pender County adopts out entire animal shelter over weekend, now it’s almost at capacity again

Merging traffic is one of the leading causes of severe traffic. But as it turns out, the sense of “fair play” shared by many drivers is actually making merges less efficient and more dangerous. READ MORE

There’s a good chance we’ve all been merging the wrong way. Here’s why

Free and open to the public, New Hanover County’s compost program prevents more than 70 tons of food waste from going into the landfill every month. However, in order to succeed, the compost system needs more food — a lot more. READ MORE

New Hanover County’s composting program is free, and now open to the public

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