Monday, July 22, 2024

Newsroom Podcast May 27 – Make your own toll road? Plus: River Place lawsuits, and houseboats

It appears some believe a private toll road cannot be regulated by authorities. Some feel the same way about a plan for 75 houseboats in downtown Wilmington

This week we take a closer look at a neighborhood near Surf City that decided to charge a toll for using its road as a shortcut to the beach. The move is outside-the-box, but it didn’t come from nowhere–the neighborhood is struggling to maintain the road since developers and NCDOT aren’t responsible for it. As for whether the move is legal, well, that’s not quite clear.

We also check in with the ongoing legal issues stemming from a City Council vote to change an eminent domain deal.

The original deal called for temporarily using private property as a staging area for construction of the public-private River Place project. Then the city changed its mind, and took the land permanently, but city council voted without knowing how much the change would cost Wilmington.

We also get into the legal and zoning issues around a proposal to put 75 houseboats at the Port City Marina in downtown Wilmington. The plan went public and, apparently, city, county and state officials aren’t 100 percent sure who can – or should – regulate the project.

Lastly, a quick note on the Serpentarium closing and, on a happier note, this week’s ‘Brews and Bites’ stories.

Pender County Sheriff says impromptu toll road is legal, for now

City Council voted for River Place land grab, now three lawsuits could cost Wilmington

City looking into legal and zoning issues around ‘houseboat community’ plan for downtown marina

Serpentarium family says it was cut out of private sale process by attorney and Superior Court Clerk

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