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Candidate’s matrix: See where the 2018 primary candidates for Pender County Sheriff stand

The 2018 primary election is Tuesday, May 8. Seven Republican candidates are competing, to date five of the candidates have responded

There are seven candidates for Pender County Sheriff are competing in the 2018 Republican Primary Election; the winner, chosen May 8, will face off against Democrat Lawrence Fennell.

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The seven candidates are:

  • Larry Brown
  • Randy Burton
  • Joe Cina
  • Chester Ward
  • Jason Spivey
  • Jimmie Stokes
  • Alan Cutler

The candidates were each asked nine questions; the questions were generated largely by the candidates themselves.

  • School safety is on everyone’s mind. How would you address those concerns, both in schools and in the community?
  • The Pender County Sheriff’s Office has a lot of ground to cover – do you feel the office has sufficient manpower to do so? What is your plan to utilize the office’s resources to the fullest without neglecting either the eastern or western part of the county?
  • What experience do you have handling a government budget?
  • What is your vision for how the PCSO will handle the opioid crisis?
  • When, if ever, was the last time you had a hands-on role in a criminal case (i.e. from arrest, to the magistrate, to court, and giving testimony)?
  • Do you feel that arrests made by the Pender County Sheriff’s Office are adequately pursued in court by prosecutors in the District Attorney’s office?
  • The Sheriff is a law enforcement agent, but also an administrator. Have you ever managed an organization of 50 or more individuals – if so, when? What was your management strategy?
  • The Sheriff must also delegate effectively, especially to a second in command. Who do you plan to put in that role and what are his/her credentials?
  • Has your personal or professional conduct ever been called in question in the course of any employment?

To make things simple, Port City Daily has arranged an election matrix for readers to navigate. If you’re using mobile, use two fingers to scroll through to the candidate’s responses.

Larry Brown Joe Cina Randy Burton Jason Spivey Chester Ward Alan Cutler
School safety School safety School safety School safety School safety  School safety
Manpower Manpower Manpower Manpower Manpower  Manpower
Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget  Budget
Opioids Opioids Opioids Opioids Opioids  Opioids
 Experience  Experience  Experience  Experience Experience  Experience
 Prosecution  Prosecution  Prosecution  Prosecution Prosecution  Prosecution
Management Management  Management Management Management  Management
Deputy Chief Deputy Chief  Deputy Chief Deputy Chief  Deputy Chief  Deputy Chief
 Conduct  Conduct  Conduct  Conduct Conduct  Conduct

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