Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Newsroom Podcast 4-21-2018: Freeman Park, elections, parking and scalping questions for LiveNation venue

This week we talk with reporter Michael Praats about his coverage of Freeman Park. Plus, there's a 6,000 person venue coming to downtown Wilmington, but no plans for parking.

This week we continue the conversation about Freeman Park. After last week’s revelations about the involvement of FBI’s “most wanted fugitive” Assata Shakur, there was an even bigger story — a 10-year land grab by a mysterious private company very intent on buying up the land around Freeman Park.

Reporter Michael Praats discusses how the land deal at Freeman Park got started — and how his coverage of the issue turned up the latest stories. He also discusses what’s next in the ongoing story, including the serious possibility of eminent domain action by Carolina Beach.

Also on the podcast: Wilmington residents are excited about the LiveNation venue on the Riverwalk, construction on which is due to begin this year. But can the city control ticket scalping at the venue and, perhaps more importantly, can the city provide parking for 7,000 concert goers?

Check out these Freeman Park stories if you missed them, then dive into the podcast and learn more.

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