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How much does Easter cost Americans? Billions, according to Wallet Hub

Between the chocolate bunnies and new clothes, the average American will spend $150 on Easter.

How much money did you spend on Easter clothing, candy and dinner this year?

According to Wallet Hub, it’s estimated that people in the United States will spend about $18.2 billion this Easter, with the average American spending about $150 on the holiday.

But with candy, clothing and gifts factored in, how is that spending broken down?

Wallet Hub collected information from the National Retail Federation, Bloomberg the National Confectioners Association, Hallmark and other agencies to present Easter by the numbers:

  • 81 percent of Americans plan to celebrate Easter in 2018.
  • Americans will spend about $3.2 billion on Easter clothing.
  • Americans will spend about $5.7 billion on food in preparation for their Easter meals.
  • 57.9 percent of people plan to cook an Easter meal, and 60.1 percent of people will be visiting with family members over the holiday.
  • Americans will buy $2.6 billion in Easter candy and an additional $2.9 billion on gifts.
  • 77 percent of parents will give their children an Easter basket filled with popular items like chocolate bunnies, gum, candy and stuffed animals.
  • 81 percent of those parents plan to steal candy from their kids’ stash.
  • 90 million chocolate bunnies are made around the world every year — but not everyone agrees on how they should be eaten.
  • 59 percent of people believe that you should eat a chocolate bunny ears first, while 4 percent say you should start at the tail, and another 4 percent say you should start at the feet.
  • 33 percent don’t care how you eat the chocolate bunny.
  • 1.5 billion marshmallow Peeps will be eaten this Easter.

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