Tuesday, June 18, 2024

ICYMI Oct. 15-21: Tough call? Five controversial decisions from this week

Headlines come and go faster than ever. Check out the stories people were talking about in this week's 'In Case You Missed It.'

Governmental decisions are rarely cut and dry. Even when the vote is unanimous, public opinion is usually divided. This week saw a number of city and county decisions that got people talking. Even if you read them when they published, you might want to check out the comments – there’s no shortage of opinion.

Without question, the most talked about story this week was the City of Wilmington’s approval of Live Nation to manage the future venue in Riverfront Park. Council members were split before the vote, and readers weighed in passionately on both sides after the article published. READ MORE


The Wilmington Police Department has request some $40,000 in equipment and training to handle demonstrations and riots. That equipment included grenade launchers, gas grenades and “CS Triple Chasers,” 40mm grenades that explode with a flash-bang, rubber pellets and tear gas.

Wilmington Police Department officials objected to the term “grenade launchers” – though the term is taken directly from their request – but the disagreements didn’t stop there. Readers were sharply divided between those in favor of more robust crowd control, and those who saw the request as militarizing the police force. READ MORE


Wilmington City Council rejected $1 million in federal aid this week – money that would have paid for 14 new firefighting positions. Officials said approximately $225,000 in city money that would have been used to match the federal grant will now be returned to the general fund, and may be used for city employee benefits and – possibly – raises. READ MORE


Four years ago, Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Allen Spencer was shot in the line of duty. Awarded the FBI Star and called a “hero” by Sheriff Ed McMahon, Spencer has nevertheless waited years for a settlement for the county – which allegedly just offered Spencer $5,000. Spencer’s fellow law enforcement offers – and readers – wondered why the county has waited so long, and offered Spencer so little. READ MORE


Government decisions will all frustrate some of the population, but no decision – after two years – could frustrate all of the population. The latest chapter in the short term rental saga ended with no answers and no end in sight. READ MORE


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