WPD releases picture of vehicle, suspect involved in fatal hit-and-run

WILMINGTON — After a fatal hit-and-run left a 17-year-old dead early Sunday morning, the Wilmington Police Department is asking for help identifying the vehicle and suspect possibly involved.

The hit-and-run happened on May 16 on Martin Luther King Parkway, near the Kerr Avenue intersection. The department suspects a silver 2012 Chrysler Town and Country van to be involved, with a middle-aged black male driver.

WPD noted the suspect “is believed to be operating this vehicle for hire and picks up fares from downtown Wilmington prior to and during bar closing.” However, the van is not a registered taxi, according to the department.

WPD asks for the public’s help, directing all tips to 910-343-3609 or use the Wilmington NC PD app.

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