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Cape Fear Beer Tracker: This week in craft beer September 23 – 29

Beer Picture of the Week: the Orange Blossom Wit at Bill's Brewing Co. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Bill's Brewing Co.)
Beer Picture of the Week: the Orange Blossom Wit at Bill’s Brewing Co. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Bill’s Brewing Co.)

WILMINGTON — The Wilmington area continues to grow its reputation as an “Asheville East” of craft breweries — there are now 18 in the region — and we’ll be here to keep you in the loop. Our craft beer tracker is a place to keep up with scheduled beer releases, festivals, special casks, and more for the week ahead. We’ll publish every week and update as information comes along.

Schedules can fluctuate inside the brewhouse, so check the breweries’ links for updates on their Facebook pages. Brewers and taproom managers: keep us informed at

This week in craft beer Monday, September 23 – Sunday, September 29

Bill’s Brewing Co. | 4238 Market Street in midtown Wilmington

Can Release (Friday, Sep. 27): Blueberry Shakes, a Milkshake IPA with additions of blueberries, raspberries, vanilla, and lactose; Sick Flips New England IPA; and Oktoberfest Black Forest, a Marzen lager.

  • Brewing Philosophy: “We strive to create beer that everyone can enjoy, from the craft beer connoisseur to individuals new to the craft beer scene.”
  • Brewers’ Top 3: Dog Haze of Summer NEIPA, Schwarzbier, and Wave Break IPA
  • Founded: June 2016

Broomtail Craft Brewery | 6404 Amsterdam Way, King’s Grant area of Wilmington

Draft Release (Friday, Sep. 27): ILM, a crisp IPA flavored with classic American C hops (7.5% ABV).

  • Brewing Philosophy: “To enrich the world by using scientific art coupled with the natural resources and living organisms provided by Mother Nature developing unique, high-quality beer for all to enjoy.”
  • Brewers’ Top 3: Galloping Gose’ – series of light sours using natural lactobacillus and brewers yeast in fermentation to develop smooth, refreshing, true to style Gose’; Acerbic Ecstasy – flagship IPA, a hybrid English / West Coast IPA; Moe Beer – signature brown ale, highly crushable and pairs well with almost any dish.
  • Founded: 2014

And keep up with their souring/barrel-aging facility and taproom in Ogden, The Sour Barn (7211 Market Street).

Edward Teach Brewery | 604 N 4th Street in downtown Wilmington

Draft Release (Friday, Sep. 27): Gun Powder Lager (5.3%). “This is our Black Spot Lager that is aged with cold brew coffee and cacao nibs,” the description reads. “Dark in color and similar to a stout, however you will find this beer has a refreshing finish without astringent roast or cloying sweetness. The aroma has an extra boost of smooth coffee and rich chocolate, while the overall easy drinking nature of this lager is still maintained.”

Recent Releases: Half Truth Wit (4.7% ABV), a Belgian Wit aged with lemon peel and “named after Blackbeard’s daughter Angelica who was known to be very deceiving with her words;” and Save The Fest For Last (5.4% ABV), a Marzen style beer rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness.

  • Brewing Philosophy: We focus on balance within each beer style we make & enjoy brewing everything from Lagers to IPAs.
  • Founded: December 2017

Flying Machine Brewing Co. | 3130 Randall Parkway in midtown Wilmington

Flying Machine's new Tempest, a pale ale fermented in oak with a Norwegian Farmhouse yeast and aged with guava and hopped with citra. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Flying Machine Brewing Co.)
Flying Machine’s new Tempest, a pale ale fermented in oak with a Norwegian Farmhouse yeast and aged with guava and hopped with citra. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Flying Machine Brewing Co.)

New Small Batch Release (Sep. 21): Tempest, a pale ale brewed at 6% ABV and fermented in oak with a Norwegian Farmhouse yeast then aged in stainless steel with guava and hopped with citra (in bottles and taproom draft).

  • Brewing Philosophy: We want to mix new age ideas with old school techniques to bring a new era of innovation to the marketplace.”
  • Brewers’ Top 3: Vimana (a Kölsch), Hollow Bones (a Roggenbier), and Hollow Wolf Lord (a double New England IPA)
  • Founded: June 2016

Flytrap Brewing | Located at 319 Walnut Street in downtown Wilmington

Flyrap Brewing's Sour Papaya Pomegranate Saison. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Flytrap Brewing)
Flyrap Brewing’s Sour Papaya Pomegranate Saison. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy Flytrap Brewing)

Recent Tap Release (Saturday, Sep. 21): Sour Papaya Pomegranate Saison.

  • Brewing Style: A neighborhood brewery specializing in small batch American and Belgian style ales that are guaranteed to be at the peak of freshness.”
  • Brewers’ Top 3: Our Saisons, our Rotating House IPA, and our Kettle Sour Ales
  • Founded: October 2014

Front Street Brewery | 9 N. Front Street in downtown Wilmington

Draft Release (Saturday, Sep. 28): Barrel Soured Tomb Rocker, a Flanders red ale brewed at 8.7% ABV. Aged on Hungarian oak, this beer won gold at the NC Brewers Cup for “Wood-Aged Beer” category.
  • Brewing Style: “Specializing in American and Belgian style ales and small-batch brews.”
  • Brewers’ Top 3: Amberjack ESB, Napoleon Rye-namite, Tiny Tim’s Christmas Ale
  • Founded: 1995

Good Hops Brewing | 811 Harper Ave in Carolina Beach

Check their Facebook page (link above) for any releases.

  • Mission: “To make and drink damn tasty beer, offer a comfortable neighborhood gathering place and support all things local.”
  • Flagships: Donna Golden Ale, Flip Hop IPA, Stanky Yankee Hazy IPA
  • Founded: 2014

Ironclad Brewery | 115 N. 2nd Street in downtown Wilmington

Check their Facebook page (link above) for any releases.

  • Brewing Philosophy: We strive to provide each beer enthusiast with a unique experience by infusing traditional styles with unexpected ingredients: Fermentation of the Imagination!”
  • Brewers’ Top 3: Smoked Honey Lager, Cukes of Hazard, and Navigator Double Bock
  • Founded: 2015

Mad Mole Brewing | 6309 Boathouse Road near Bradley Creek in Wilmington

New Beer Release (Saturday, Sep. 21): Holy Moletriomony, a blueberry sour with lactose. “Neil is getting hitched so he decided to brew a wedding beer,” Mad Mole said on their Facebook page about their head brewer.

Can Release (Sep. 17): Raspberry Molay, a Kolsch style ale available in 4-packs (5.7% ABV).

  • About: “Wilmington’s first solar-powered brewery. Spun off from a local software company, Mad Mole combines technology and art to brew better beer.”
  • Founded: June 2018

Makai Brewing Co. | 5850 Ocean Highway W. in Ocean Isle Beach

Tap Release (Saturday, Sep. 28): Oktoberfest Marzen, a traditional German Marzen.

Tap Release (Tuesday, Sep. 24): Carolina Tropical. “This IPA brings the flavors and aromas of the island life to our roots on the Carolina coast. The fresh pineapple and mango, in combination with the New Zealand Motueka hops, gives this beer a juicy tropical kick.”

Tap Release (Sep. 19): Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Pale Ale — “all mosaic in the kettle and dry hop for this American Pale.”

  • Brewing Philosophy: “Extending the reach of North Carolina craft beer ‘toward the sea’ with consistent flagships and diverse small-batches inspired by the Hawaiian Islands, the Carolina Coast, and our local community.”
  • Brewers’ Choice: Carolina Tropical IPA, Nightingale Coffee Porter, Fire Knife DIPA
  • Founded: 2017

New Anthem Beer Project | 116 Dock Street & 110 Greenfield St.

New Anthem/s Flinch, a double dry-hopped IPA made with mosaic hops. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy New Anthem Beer Project)
New Anthem/s Flinch, a double dry-hopped IPA made with mosaic hops. (Port City Daily photo/Courtesy New Anthem Beer Project)

Can Release (Sep. 21): Flinch, a double dry hopped American IPA, available at their new taproom on 110 Greenfield Street only.

  • Brewers’ Choice: Rusty Cage, Five Thieves, Hillbilly Prophet
  • Founded: 2016

Red Hare 34 North Experiment Station 4802 Main St in Shallotte

Sour Batch Bottle Release (Oct. 26): three sours bottled with waxed tops; party starts at noon with music at 1 pm.

  • Brewing Style: “Our style is fun, approachable beers. Specialize in lagers and crushable IPA’s to experiment wilds and sours, all usually with a classical and historically accurate base but with our innovative spin.”
  • Brewers’ Top 3: Soft J IPA, SPF 50/50 Tangerine, and Putin’s Paradise Russian Imperial Stout
  • Founded: 2012 (Shallotte location opened April 2018)

Salty Turtle Beer Co. | 103 Triton Lane in Surf City

The brewery is still closed with updates to the brewhouse and taproom in progress. Check their Facebook page (link above) for any updates.

  • About: Veteran-owned brewery located in Surf City, consisting of 10 rotating taps and a family-friendly taproom featuring food trucks and live music.”
  • Brewers’ Choice: Coastline Kölsch, Hey Zay NEIPA, Swingbridge Breakfast Stout 
  • Founded: Dec. 2017

Skytown Beer Company | 4712 New Centre Dr. in Wilmington

Seasonal Release (Friday, Sep. 20): Lavish, a pale ale brewed with East Kent Goldings hops, dry-hopped with Centennial and conditioned on lavender (6.4% ABV). “Slight fruit notes and notes of baking spices.”

Seasonal Re-Release (Friday, Sep. 20): What’s This? — a pumpkin cheesecake Berliner-Weisse, brewed with pumpkin and pumpkin spice notes (4.3% ABV).

  • Brewing Philosophy: We want to highlight the homebrewing recipes created by owners Chef Stephen and beer sommelier Hayley on a larger scale all while incorporating and starting new beer trends,” head brewer Ben Quinones said.
  • Brewers’ Choice: Cashmere-Dragon (a NEIPA), New Fake Doors (a Citrus Saison), and Pinchelada (a Mexican Lager).
  • Founded: November 2017

Waterline Brewing Co. | 721 Surry Street in Downtown Wilmington

Check their Facebook page (link above) for any releases.

  • Brewing Philosophy: “Brewed Under the Bridge with a focus on traditional, easy-drinking beer styles with the occasional twist.”
  • Brewers’ Choice: Our top-selling Kolsch, awarding-winning Coffee and Cream Pale Ale, and the annual release of our Whiskey Barrel Aged Tennessee Tripel.
  • Founded: 2014

Waterman’s Brewing | 1610 Pavilion Place near the Wrightsville bridge

Recent Tap Release: Goseway (4.8% ABV), a tart, lime gose-style beer made with Wrightsville Beach sea salt provided by Sea Love Sea Salt Co.

  • Brewing Philosophy: “Love your liquid!”
  • Brewers’ Choice: Abundant Sunshine IPA, Knothead ESB, Makin’ Me Hazy IPA
  • Opened: July 2017

Wilmington Brewing Co. | 824 Kerr Avenue in midtown Wilmington

Upcoming Release (Friday, Oct. 27): Pretty Pumpkin Ale, brewed with 100 pumpkin pies from their neighbors at Apple Annie’s Bakeshop.

  • About: “Homegrown from a small home-brew shop to an 11,800 square-foot facility. WBC includes a 3bbl and 25bbl brewery, tasting room, and a home-brew supply store.”
  • Brewers’ Choice: Tropical Lightning IPA, Blair’s Breakfast Stout, Jalapeño Saison
  • Opened brewery/taproom: 2014

Wrightsville Beach Brewery | 6201 Oleander Drive near Bradley Creek

Recent Release (Friday, Sep. 20): Oktoberfest, the brewery’s third rendition of a traditional Marzen beer will be released on the first day of the official Oktoberfest in Munich. “Rich depth of malt flavors, dark amber color, coming in at 5.7% [ABV],” owner Jud Watkins described the beer.

  • Brewing Style: “Wide variety perfect for sipping on the beach, including a year-round selection of lagers.”
  • Brewers’ Choice: Carolina Harvest Ale, Raspberry Berlinerweisse, bourbon barrel-aged Masonbarrel Barleywine
  • Founded: 2016


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