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Thursday, May 23, 2024

In Pictures: “Baddest lil show” wrestlers rock Tortuga’s Nest in Surf City

Sky Bird stares down his opponent Minnue Fusion before making a leap onto the ring. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)
Sky Bird stares down his opponent Minnie Fusion before diving onto the ring floor at Tortuga’s Nest in Surf City. (Port City Daily photo/Mark Darrough)

SURF CITY — More than 300 people packed Surf City’s largest bar, Tortuga’s Nest, for a wrestling roadshow nicknamed the “Baddest Lil Show on Earth.”

Tortuga’s co-owner Angela Crain said the Extreme Midget Wrestling crew comes to her bar twice a year, and along with Memorial Day weekend events, they draw in the biggest crowds the bar sees all year.

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Standing in a long line up the stairs to the bar’s entrance, Steve Calder said he was excited to see another show.

“I saw them at Sloppy Joe’s in Swansboro years ago, and they were grand and nice enough to sign a T-shirt for my daughter, which she still has today,” Calder said. 

The packed crowd sang along to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” as the first wrestlers took to the ring. The energy in the packed room seemed to hit a peak when Sky Bird leaped off the top rope, crashing down onto Minnie Fusion and the first row of VIP spectators.

“All the wrestlers feed off the energy, you know? And the energy right now is incredible. I can’t even describe it,” Minnie Fusion said during intermission, wearing a mask to honor the traditions of Hispanic wrestling. “We take a lot of time to practice. We really could get hurt out there. There’s a lot of acrobatics, Olympic wrestling, all kinds of wrestling. We really dedicate ourselves to it and take pride in showing our work.”

See photos of the night’s show below:

Baddest Lil Show on Earth

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