Monday, April 22, 2024

Thanksgiving recipes: ‘Battleship Pie,’ turkey, vegan feast and more

Thanksgiving means going all out — few days set the bar higher for home cooks. We’ve collected some of our favorites recipes from Thanksgivings past, in case you need a little help or just a little inspiration.

We talked to local chefs about how they prepare their holiday birds. Some went for innovation, while others stuck with the time-honored classics. READ MORE

With some help from the museum archive of the Battleship North Carolina, we were able to recreate this pumpkin pie, served in the midst of combat in 1944. Now you can make your own ‘Battleship Pie.’ READ MORE

Feeling really adventurous? Here’s a modern take on pumpkin pie, from one of the region’s best pastry chefs. READ MORE

Vegan Recipes

Thanksgiving means a feast, but it doesn’t necessarily mean turkey. And if your stuffing is good enough, you might find some of your turkey-eating friends and family pulling up a seat. READ MORE

And, just because, here are five more vegan recipes — including a vegan pecan pie. READ MORE

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