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The Kitchen Sink: Full of Purpose

Purpose Through Food in Wilmington, NC Restaurant


The Kitchen Sink Storefront. Located at 622 North 4th St, Wilmington, NC

It’s December 2022, Wilmington is deep in its action for social entrepreneurship and supporting local. The air is getting a little crisp, the leaves have turned and as a society we are beginning to turn our attention to our loved ones, thanks to the holidays.

What better time than now to talk about a place whose mission is rooted in the very love and social entrepreneurship that Wilmington is so known for? I’m talking about The Kitchen Sink, possibly the best lunch in Wilmington, NC.

When Skill Meets Passion, A Restaurant is Born

But really, I’m talking about the people who started The Kitchen Sink – and the people who show up to make these wonderful plates possible. I’m talking about the time and love given to others rather than themselves – the attention to detail in presentation and the selfless sharing of both family recipes and skill to fill others.

Restaurants are hard work, really hard work. It’s so hard that you might not know who Alicia Mitchell is because she is so busy serving others, being present for her family, and running The Kitchen Sink. She’s the chef and founder. This is her first venture, and she is all in.

Owner, Alicia Mitchell

A Mission in Action, Watch Them Grow in Wilmington, NC

Their mission won’t be found in fancy marketing material. No words on a website so that you’ll buy their food, but in the actions they take. You’ll find their mission in the people they hire, the displaced people they feed, and the social responsibility they embody.

I’ve known Alicia and her husband Jason (cofounder) for about two months now and they didn’t ask me to write this. You won’t find them asking for anything, because they see the world as a canvas to give. I’m writing about their amazing food and even better mission because I see the love from which their work and food is born.

But really it’s not all about the food. Sure, their food is amazing, but it’s as much about the mission. The very mission they are carrying out daily is serving and supporting displaced people and those battling addiction.

A Bowl of Soup is Given to the Less Fortunate for Every Bowl Purchased at The Kitchen Sink

For every bowl of soup that you buy at The Kitchen Sink, another is given to someone experiencing homelessness or recently displaced. They are strong partners of Vigilant Hope, whose dedication to the local at-risk population is apparent far and wide.

The Kitchen Sink is in the Brooklyn Arts District, nearest the corner of New Hanover St and Fourth St. You’ll find still more love in their live plants, wall herb garden, and beautiful art on their walls. Everything inside is made by the hands of someone local, mostly people that work there too. A funky bicycle affixed to a frame, paintings of God and love, and a flourishing plant life. It all comes together to offer a tranquil environment to have lunch in and enjoy time with friends and family.

Fresh Food for Brooklyn Arts Community in Wilmington, NC

They’ve revitalized this old building to bring joy, laughter, and the best lunch in Wilmington, NC. So how do they do it? And what makes this the best lunch in Wilmington? It all comes together by paying attention to the finest of details with love and kindness in everything that they do. And it hasn’t been easy, but they make it work at the highest level of food and art.

Let’s talk about the food I’m calling the best lunch in Wilmington, NC. Crafted by Alicia and her skilled hand, she may be a first-time restaurant owner, but she is no rookie chef. A combination of family recipes, modern techniques, pure passion, and dedicated food presentation is the experience of The Kitchen Sink.

Wilmington NC Local Produce and Tea

You can see their menu for yourself, so I won’t bore you with a list of items. But I’d like to talk about the attention to food detail that’s placed on everything made at The Kitchen Sink. Much of the menu is made from scratch, whether that’s a top round roast for their Beef on Weck or the culmination of three different meats to create the best meatballs in Wilmington, NC.

Beef on Weck

You’ll find things homemade like blueberry goat cheese, olive tapenade, salad dressings, and a growing number of soups among so many other hand-crafted items. The Kitchen Sink sources local microgreens from Craftgrown Farms, Immunity tea from Queen Esther Teas, beer from Edward Teach Brewing for their braising liquid used to roast their beef and cheddar ale soup. So many restaurants use locally sourced products, however the commitment Alicia takes to maintain those relationships is unique. There’s a quiet confidence and outpouring of love through food that is palpable while working with her.

This is the first kitchen I’ve been in where yelling doesn’t happen. The first kitchen I’ve seen where the owners treat all people with respect, dignity, and a unique love. The Kitchen Sink sees faith as an action word, and places that faith in their workers and customers – enabling them to be their greatest self, which you’ll taste in the food.

Caught in the hustle and bustle of business ownership, restaurant management, and food creation is a mission. Their mission of love through food to serve others is not about themselves, but others. Alicia, Jason, and the entire staff at The Kitchen Sink give as much of themselves as possible.

Next time you walk through the doors of The Kitchen sink, remember that every bowl of soup or sandwich you buy is still yet another opportunity for them to serve another person in Wilmington with compassion and love.

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