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Maxine Sloan Scott, 99, left a legacy of commitment, service and generosity

Maxine Sloan Scott

CAROLINA BEACH — Many authors have written about the ‘Greatest Generation’, but the family and friends of Maxine Sloan Scott were privileged to know, love and learn from one of its most devoted members for many of her 99 years of life. Maxine passed away Thursday, March 25, 2021, leaving behind a legacy of commitment, service and generosity, driven by an abundance of unconditional love felt by everyone who knew her.

Maxine was committed first and foremost to her Lord and her enduring faith through many life challenges. She was a longtime member of Saint Paul’s Methodist Church, where she served actively as a member in the United Methodist Women until a sudden illness changed her life and her way of committing to and loving her Lord. She continued to share with everyone she met her many blessings, her generosity in giving and her commitment to lifting others in prayer each night, many she knew and some she did not know.

Maxine was committed to the family that raised her and to the family she raised and served with a generous heart. She was born Nov. 9, 1921, in North Apollo, Pennsylvania. and was raised by her loving parents, the late Laura Campbell Sloan and Chester Sloan. She loved hunting with her father and exploring the Pennsylvania hills with her three younger sisters, Betty, Barbara and Mary Louise, as well as her many Campbell and Sloan cousins.

Her life changed when, at age of 16, Maxine met Dale LeRoy Scott, a young man from Vandergrift, Pennsylvania. They committed to one another in marriage on Sept. 29, 1945. They settled first in Vandergrift and then in North Apollo and created their own family, of three, Darene, who is married to James Stankus and resides in Darlington, South Carolina; Nedra, who is married to Paul Farcus and lives in Cresson, Pennsylvania; and Dennis, who lives in Carolina Beach and cared for his mother since 1992.

While living in North Apollo, Maxine served the community through her work with many organizations, including the Girl Scouts and taught many young girls the art of cooking over an open campfire, raising and lowering the flag properly in all kinds of weather and exploring nature in the Pennsylvania mountains. She also provided an example of service to many young people through her volunteerism.

She and Dale taught their own children to care for the environment and to serve others with a kind and generous heart in whatever they chose to do. Maxine and Dale and their family traveled to Carolina Beach, North Carolina every summer since 1954 for Dale’s work. They loved the beach and eventually bought a home and retired to this coastal community in 1979.

They took many trips to the west coast to visit Maxine’s siblings and their families, leaving with many memories captured through film and video. Even though they lived on opposite coasts, Maxine and her three sisters continued to call one another weekly and nurtured a lasting relationship among their children that grows stronger each year.

Maxine and Dale’s family grew to include three granddaughters, Heather Porter, who is married to Kevin and lives in Indiana, Pennsylvania; Stephanie Sturgis, who lives in Florence, South Carolina; and Anna Crowl, who is married Tommy and lives in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Maxine was blessed to be surrounded by her seven great-grandchildren, who visited for lengthy periods of time every summer and FaceTimed with her frequently during the remaining months. They range in years from 18 to 8 months, and include Gracie, Joshua, Caroline, Victoria, Libby, Jane and Stella.

Maxine taught her family about courage and resilience in the face of overwhelming trials and loss. She suffered a ruptured aneurysm in 1968, which left her with difficulty speaking and right-sided paralysis. She learned to speak and walk again with the support and encouragement of Dale. She lost Dale in 1992, but she continued to teach her family and friends about living with dignity and hope. She woke up each day with a smile and a positive outlook, She made sure she was dressed well with her color-coordinated outfits and jewelry, and she kept her weekly hair appointments until her death.

Her loving son, Dennis, lived her example of commitment, generosity and service by moving in after Dale’s death and caring for her every need. He was her living angel and was with her on the day she passed.

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