Saturday, January 28, 2023

Topsail Beach license plates available for order until Feb. 1

TOPSAIL BEACH — Residents of the small coastal town in Pender County have the chance to order specialty plates this month.

The North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles is issuing specialty license plates featuring the Town of Topsail Beach pirate sail logo. The design represents the town’s history in pirate legend and lore.

“We are accepting registrations for the Topsail Beach specialty license plate until Feb. 1,” Topsail Beach Town Manager Doug Shipley said in a press release. “We urge North Carolinians to register today.”

Legislation for specialty license plates in North Carolina must pass through the state legislator. A minimum of 300 plates must be ordered for the Town to submit its application to the state. So far 185 have registered for the Topsail plate.

After submitting an application, the NCDMV will issue directly to each purchaser his or her new Town of Topsail Beach Specialty License Plate within 180 days of legislative approval.

A randomly selected plate number with the Topsail logo is $20; for personalized plates, the fee is $30.

If the plates are not approved by the state, all paid fees will be refunded (minus credit card processing fees).

Drivers do not have to be Topsail Beach residents to order a specialty license plate.

To order, visit the Topsail Beach website and complete an application per vehicle.

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