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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Proposal for more than 600 units in Castle Hayne to be reviewed by NHC planning board

A land tract up for rezoning along Castle Hayne Road.

NEW HANOVER COUNTY — Another tract of land in Castle Hayne is being primed for development, this time 104 acres between Castle Hayne and Blue Clay roads south of I-140. 

The New Hanover County Planning Board will hold public hearings on Thursday for five proposed rezonings, including the Castle Hayne parcels submitted by Samuel Franck with Ward and Smith P.A on behalf of Swartville, LLC.

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The land has been owned by Swarts since 1999, according to county records. It was transferred to the LLC, owned by Joel Tomaselli, in 2018. Tomaselli is also the owner of Bradley Heights LLC, Ogden Sports Center LLC, and Sea Horse Development. 

The rezoning is not yet attached to a development; however, it would allow future developers to build up to 624 units on the property by-right. Ward and Smith’s request is a “straight rezoning,” meaning the planning board would not be allowed to enact conditions and any development under the land code’s zoning would be permissible.  

As the application indicates, the land will most likely be used for more housing in the growing northern region of New Hanover County. 

Under the property’s current R-20 zoning, only 198 units are permitted. Ward and Smith are asking the county to rezone the property to R-7 for 426 more units. While it allows for moderate-density single-family, low-density multi-family uses are also permitted under R-7.

County planning staff’s summary states the R-20 district in this area was established in 1972 to ensure housing served by private septic and wells would be developed at low densities. But as the county’s population and development has grown, water and sewer services have become available to the surrounding area. Yet, the area remains primarily zoned for low-density housing.

Other developments in the area include Bountiful Village, River Bluffs planned development and a neighborhood at the end of Rock Hill Road. Totalling 186 units, the Covenant phases I and II, along with Blue Clay Townes, are in development within a one-mile radius. 

The site, though bordered by vacant agricultural land, is located roughly 1.5 miles from the General Electric facility at the intersection of Castle Hayne Road and I-140 and about 1.8 miles from the Wrightsboro commercial node. 

Accessed via private easement off Castle Hayne Road, the property would generate 139 vehicle trips in the morning and 189 at night if developed under the current zoning. Those numbers are expected to increase to 225 and 367, respectively, if 624 units were built, although a traffic impact analysis would need to be completed for a specific development. 

NHC staff also estimate around 95 more students would be added to New Hanover County Schools under the proposed rezoning. Those students would be districted to attend Castle Hayne Elementary, Holly Shelter Middle, and Laney High. According to staff, developments under the new rezoning would most likely not reach buildout for another five years, making the question of school capacity irrelevant to this rezoning.

Staff are recommending the planning board approve the rezoning request, as it is consistent with the 2016 Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Other public hearings

James Yopp of River Road Construction and Hoosier Daddy LLC is requesting a rezoning to build 10 single-family homes and 327 townhomes at 5741 Carolina Beach Road called the Ironwood Development. 

The development would be completed in three phases; the first will include the single-family lots along with 143 townhomes, with 104 and 81 townhomes following in the next two phases, respectively. 

Nearby residents of Tarin Woods have successfully derailed an addition of more homes near them in the past. Read full PCD coverage here. 

Yopp is also proposing another rezoning in the 6900 block of Carolina Beach Road to build 126 townhomes and a storage facility. The development is called McQuillan Pines. 

According to preliminary designs, the commercial storage facility would front Carolina Beach Road. Behind that, there would be a 36-unit building and five 18-unit buildings. The townhomes would range from two to three bedrooms, 1,000 to 1,400 square feet each. 

Residents were against the development at the community meeting in December, citing traffic and crowding concerns. Read full PCD coverage here.

Cindee Wolf with Design Solutions on behalf of 6844 Bayat Land LLC is requesting a rezoning in the 6800 block of Carolina Beach Road to build a convenience store and 12 single-family homes. 

Finally, Frank Chapman with Davie Construction Co., on behalf of Milton Schaeffer, is requesting a rezoning to convert a single-family home into an office and veterinary services building — Sandy Paws Vet Clinic — at 4629 Carolina Beach Road. The board meets Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. at 24 North Third St.

Reach journalist Brenna Flanagan at 

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