Your water bill may look different in October: CFPUA to switch billing from bimonthly to monthly

CFPUA customers will now receive their water bills once a month instead of bimonthly. (Port City Daily/File photo)

SOUTHEASTERN N.C. — Customers whose water service is operated by Cape Fear Public Utility Authority now will receive their water bill monthly instead of every other month starting in October 2021.

“This is a change that many of our customers have requested over the years,” CFPUA’s customer service director, Kristi Irick, said in a release. “We’re excited to move to a schedule that we feel will make it easier for customers to manage and keep up with their bills.”

The move, according to the utilities company, will be easier for people to manage and schedule with other monthly expenses. It will not change what customers pay in water and sewer by volume; however, any fixed-service charges will be cut in half from what was featured on bimonthly bills.

“While the transition to monthly billing will begin in October, it is possible that some customers may receive their final bimonthly bill in the first few days of October,” the release noted.

In order for customers to assess the new billing format (see picture below), they’re instructed to look at “Meter Readings” at the bottom of the bill. Check if “Present Read” and “Previous Read” dates are two months apart; if so, it’s a bimonthly bill. The next billing cycle will fall into the monthly format.

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