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Water customers are reporting cloudy water due to what CFPUA is calling excess iron in the water (Port City Daily/Mark Darrough)

With delinquent total climbing, CFPUA launches program to help low-income customers

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has about $2.8 million in delinquent charges among residential customers. (Port City Daily/Mark Darrough)

Your water bill may look different in October: CFPUA to switch billing from bimonthly to monthly

CFPUA customers will now receive their water bills once a month instead of bimonthly. (Port City Daily/File photo)
Water utilities throughout the region are adding water restrictions to deal with drought conditions. Burn bans are also in effect at the state and local level. (Port City Daily photo / Benjamin Schachtman)

As Covid-19 shifts demand, CFPUA offers cost-saving tips

Keeping your lawn looking good doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune in water each summer. (Port City Daily photo...

Water upgrades mean a few dollars more on bills in Brunswick County, wholesale costs could also rise

BRUNSWICK COUNTY --- Average water customers in Brunswick County could pay about 14 percent more on their water bill in fiscal year 2022, according...

Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer offers chance to give to charity through water bills

BRUNSWICK COUNTY --- Now, paying your water bill could benefit others. The Brunswick Regional Water and Sewer H2GO is giving its customers the chance to...
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