Wednesday, April 24, 2024

ICYMI – Beach update, school issues, affordable housing

We checked in with engineering experts to see what really happened to the shoreline at Topsail Beach, plus the projects still planned to help restore it.

Topsail Island updates: Dorian didn’t add sand, beach vehicle permits, and nourishment projects at $28 million

It’s a considerable incentive — but town officials expect it to pay dividends, adding up to a half-billion dollars to Leland’s tax base over the next decade.

Leland could pay Brunswick Forest developer $3.3 million in incentives

The NCDOT is in financial trouble, owing to mounting costs from several major storms, and civil litigation over the ‘Map Act.’ So, what does that mean for the Wilmington area? Surprisingly, it’s not all bad.

NCDOT funding impacts for Wilmington region: Kerr interchange delayed, Gordon Road widening expedited

Less than one week after an article published, detailing the employee’s attempts to bring apparent racial discrimination to light, she was approached by her supervisor and asked to sign and backdate an evaluation (including some negative marks) — an unusual move that’s a violation of school policy.

After going public with concerns, NHCS employee says she was asked to sign backdated evaluation

Because the city owns the land where the development is planned, officials will have a say in what the project looks like. But will nine affordable units out of nearly two hundred satisfy the city’s commitment to affordable housing?

$90 million proposal for Wilmington-owned ‘gateway’ properties offers grocery, visitors center, but little affordable housing

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