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Sunday, May 19, 2024

West Nile virus found in Brunswick County mosquitoes, officials say no cause for alarm

West Nile Virus has been confirmed in a sampling of mosquitos in New Hanover County (Port City Daily photo/FILE)
West Nile Virus has been confirmed in a sampling of mosquitos in New Hanover County (Port City Daily photo/FILE)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY — Mosquitos carrying West Nile Virus were found in central Brunswick County, according to a county press release citing testing from State Laboratory of Public Health.

Brunswick County says residents should not be alarmed at this time.

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The mosquitos collected — Culiseta melanura — are not known to bite humans. Culiseta melanura only bite wild birds, according to the county press release. It rarely leaves the tree canopy or deep woodland habitats.

County mosquito control officials frequently monitor the species to identify West Nile Virus and target locations where spraying operations should commence. Spraying operations are targeted to reduce human and horse population risks associated with the virus.

The mosquitos were collected Aug. 13.

Brunswick County’s Thursday announcement comes less than two weeks after a similar Aug. 12 notice in New Hanover County. A pool of mosquitos collected near Greenville tested positive for West Nile Virus, New Hanover County announced. The species of mosquito or collection date were not listed in the release.

Brunswick County asks individuals to minimize their exposure to mosquitos during outside activities, especially during dawn and dusk.

“We can address areas that we can access with the mosquito truck, but we cannot effectively address mosquito populations deep in the woods. This is why personal protection measures are so important to hunters and outdoorsmen,” Jeff Brown, Mosquito Control Supervisor for Brunswick County, said in the release.

Brunswick County Health and Human Services director urges residents to apply mosquito repellant and wear light-colored, long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Find more information about mosquito control activities on Brunswick County’s website.

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