Tuesday, August 16, 2022

ICYMI – CB scofflaws, hemp battle, school lawsuit, hospital sale?

Without a full-time attendant, the town-run booth that sits at the entrance to Freeman Park has done little to stop those without passes from simply driving right onto the beach.

Carolina Beach struggles to keep scofflaws from sneaking past unmanned ticket booth into Freeman Park

The bill started out as a cooperative effort between legislators and those in the hemp industry — but then something changed.

Lawmakers threaten to send North Carolina’s hemp industry up in smoke, Hemp Farmacy fighting back

Over the last three years, Wilmington has been working on its short-term rental (STR) laws — but it’s also been fighting a court battle with one of the region’s biggest proponents of allowing STRs.

Three-year court battle against Wilmington over rental property ends, courts overturn city ruling

Two Wilmington law firms are suing on behalf of several victims of sexual abuse. The lawsuit will be complicated — but it’s easier to understand if you have some historical and legal context.

Deep dive: New Hanover schools face a class-action lawsuit, what does that mean?

The hospital and its network of offices and facilities are worth over a billion dollars. So, not surprisingly, there are a lot of questions about the recent announcement that the county might sell NHRMC.

New Hanover County mulls NHRMC sale: Why now, what would change, and what remains unknown?

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