Wednesday, June 19, 2024

ICYMI – Hangry knife-wielding customer, Cape Fear Crossing ‘Cliff’s Notes,’ sick building, and more

No one wants to wait too long for their food, granted. But this Wilmington man took things way, way too far. READ MORE

Enraged by wait time for food, man attacks Slice of Life employee and pepper sprays restaurant

The project isn’t asking Wilmington City Council for money (not yet, anyway). There’s just asking for a little recognition. READ MORE

‘Wilmington Rail Trail’ project gets ball rolling on official city recognition

The NCDOT isn’t known for its spellbinding prose (and even if it was, who has time for 1,000 pages?). Let us do the heavy lifting. READ MORE

Five takeaways from the 1,000-page NCDOT Cape Fear Crossing study

It might not be mold — at least, not anymore — but something seems to be going on in Pender County’s court annex, and the clerks aren’t happy about it. READ MORE

‘Sick building syndrome’: No mold, but Pender County clerks report headaches, nosebleeds

There’s a fine line between “laid back” and “not paying your employees what they’re owed.” Probably wise not to cross that line, though. READ MORE

Feds fine two Carolina Beach restaurant bars for labor violations, 30 employees owed back pay

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