Monday, December 11, 2023

Wilmington Police will not file charges against “Teen Mom” and husband for illegally towing vehicle

WILMINGTON — “The Wilmington Police Department will not be filing charges against Brunswick County resident David Eason, concluding an investigation into a widely viewed video posted online earlier this week,” according to a police statement.

The video which surfaced earlier this week shows the MTV Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason hooking a winch to the back of a truck and towing it from a spot in Downtown Wilmington.

Watch the video in our previous article here: Teen Mom Jenelle Evans and husband allegedly DIY towed vehicle from downtown Wilmington parking spot

“Eason is shown in the video, which was recorded in June, hooking a winch to the back of a truck parked in Downtown Wilmington and moving it out of its parking space. After extensive conversations with our legal team, we have exhausted all options to file criminal charges against Eason, as the victim of the incident is declining to press charges. However, the victim still has the right to take out warrants against Eason for the damage his truck incurred at any time before the statute of limitations expires, according to the WPD statement.

“We understand the frustrations of the many people who have reached out to our department regarding this incident, but there is no legal avenue to pursue charges,” the statement concludes.


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