Thursday, April 18, 2024

ICYMI – Drug busts, HOAs, red-light cameras, naming rights

Working with a confidential informant, the Sheriff’s Office arranged a purchase and seized 100 pounds of what they deemed “high-grade marijuana.” READ MORE

New Hanover Sheriff’s Office sting seizes 100-pound shipment of ‘high grade marijuana’

Stories of Homeowners Associations are common, but many people have questions: for example, how do HOAs get their power? READ MORE

Here’s how Homeowners Associations get their considerable, sometimes subjective, control over residents

Wilmington officials said that, despite the state’s recent ruling, the city will continue to operate its red-light camera program. READ MORE

Wilmington responds to state ruling, says red-light cameras are still legal

City staff have been working on negotiations for months. READ MORE

Wilmington has spent months working on deal for Mayfaire developer that cut down 50 oaks

Options range from $3 million – for naming rights to the whole park – to $50 for naming rights to small plants and shrubs. READ MORE

For $3 million Wilmington will name its new North Waterfront Park after you

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