Monday, March 20, 2023

ICYMI: Kerr vs. ‘Carr debate, development headaches in Leland, boaters out of Wrightville waters?

Catch up on the stories that got people talking this week.

If you lived in the Wilmington area for any length of time, you’ve heard this argument. We asked a historian, a linguist, and even Mayor Bill Saffo in our attempt to get to the bottom of it. (Though if you read the comments, you’ll see some diehards will never give up their chosen way of pronouncing it.) READ MORE

Listen here: The Kerr vs. “Carr” debate lives on. So, which is it?

All but one member of Carolina Beach’s Town Council voted against a church’s offer to sell its land to build a town water tower — for 10 times the market price. The hold-out? He’s also a member of the church’s board. READ MORE

Carolina Beach rejects ‘egregious’ land offer from church asking tenfold its land value

A Wilmington City Councilman trying to help a constituent hit by an aggressively high fine, or a case of special treatment? READ MORE

City Council member asks city manager to intervene, lower ‘painful’ fine for downtown club owner

The rare and complicated procedure allows a developer to get paid up-front for infrastructure developments, leaving future homeowners on the hook for the cost. READ MORE

Here’s how Leland’s Special Assessment District, the largest and costliest in the state, will work

Cape Fear Engineering designed the stormwater maintenance system for Magnolia Greens — a system that has been flooding, doing serious damage to town roads. Leland has now hired the same firm to study the flooding, denying there is any conflict of interest. READ MORE

Engineering firm paid $42,400 to study its own stormwater ponds after repeated Leland flooding

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