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Wilmington Police officer rescues unconscious woman from the Cape Fear River

After being pulled from the river, the woman was taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Her condition remains unknown.

The Cape Fear
Wilmington Police rescued a woman this morning from the Cape Fear River. (Port City Daily photo/CORY MANNION)

WILMINGTON — A Wilmington Police Department officer rescued an unconscious woman from the Cape Fear River early Thursday morning.

“Officers responded to the river around 6:15 a.m. where witnesses say they saw a woman in her 30s floating. Upon seeing the woman struggle, Officer Ben Galluppi removed his gear and jumped into the river. Using a life-saving device, he was able to reach the woman and bring her to a nearby dock,” according to a statement from Wilmington Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Dandron.

The woman was brought ashore on the dock near the Hilton hotel downtown, Dandron said.

Wilmington Fire Department and EMS both responded to the scene where CPR was performed on the woman for several minutes. EMS then transported her to New Hanover Medical Regional Center. Her current condition is unknown.

It is not yet known what the woman was doing in the river and police are investigating, Dandron said.

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