Sunday, August 14, 2022

Newsroom Podcast May 20 – Davis’s ‘prohibition’ bill, Gordon Road traffic, brews and bites

No new bars? Lots more traffic? We get into the latest stories -- and the comments they've provoked. But it's not all bad news -- there's tacos and ice cream, too

No new bars? That was the question readers had after Representative Ted Davis, Jr., sponsored new legislation that would make it virtually impossible to open a liquor-serving bar without either operating as a restaurant or becoming a non-profit. The latter, State Senator Andy Wells confirmed, is clearly intended not as a legitimate option but as a way to prevent bars from opening.

While Wells responded to questions – after the initial article published – Davis has yet to return multiple calls and emails. Davis did, however, issue a lengthy Facebook statement on the issue.

Closer to home, reporter Michael Praats joins the podcast to talk about traffic on Gordon Road and how – in spite of clear evidence to the contrary – the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners, in particular, Chairman Woody White, claim a recent development will actually improve traffic.

Finally, on a lighter note, we take a look at several restaurant stories from this week, including a new restaurant from the owners of longtime Wilmington favorite Los Portales, an Irish ice cream  – yes, that’s a thing –  in Carolina Beach, and a private chef who walked away from the professional kitchen, and into the homes of her new diners.

If you missed any of these stories, you can catch up below, then dive into the podcast.

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